Sorties et voyages scolaires

Sorties et voyages scolaires

Publié le jeudi 27 février 2014 16:35 - Mis à jour le mardi 26 janvier 2016 16:28

French Students from Collège Carnot visit PHS

On Thursday the 15th May, Parliament Hill was host to 40 students from Collège Carnot in Lille, Northern France. The aim of the day was to give the students a taste of life at secondary school in the UK after they welcomed 45 PHS students in December 2013. The French contingent arrived at PHS after a long journey from Lille starting at 5am! 

To revive them after their long journey, we welcomed them into the gym where they played a short game of basketball with the other teachers from the MFL department whilst their teachers were treated to a cup of coffee before the day began.  After break, they were invited to attend a short assembly something which is very unusual in France.

The French students were treated to some of our musical talent. Claudia Yang (Year 9) serenaded students them with some uplifting clarinet music, Darmonelle Johnson (Year 9) played the piano and sang and this was followed by a group of Year 8s singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse. Both the girls from PHS and the French students sang along and joined in the rapturous applause at the end. 

After assembly, students were brought to the Morant Building where MFL teachers taught a lesson about London and useful transactional vocabulary for their visit to Camden Market in the afternoon. PHS students soon realised the importance of clear and concise communication especially when creating dialogues for the market place. The girls said that they were used to working in groups with English speakers but when they had to work with non-English speakers it made the process much more difficult. 


After the lesson, the French students were treated to a typical cold lunch in the main hall during which they were able to try some archetypal British picnic food such as scotch eggs, finger sandwiches and sausage rolls. The Year 8 girls then joined them with their ‘Best of British’ cakes and sweet treats collection. The French students were overwhelmed by the care and attention given to the presentation of the cakes and biscuits. They were particularly enamoured by the Flapjacks and Victoria Sponge cakes. They said that they were delicious and were definitely going to contact their penfriend to find out the recipe.  

The students then had a tour of Parliament Hill during the lunch break before leaving for Camden Market in the afternoon.  The whole day was a fantastic success and the PHS girls were exceptional hosts. It was clear that many of the girls are keen to stay in contact with their French penfriends and will perhaps organise other opportunities to meet in the future. We intend to maintain the links that we have established with Collège Carnot, Lille in the future and hope to extend this opportunity to other students in the school.      
Mr Neville